NFL Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year by @HoodCertified

Andrew Luck? Russell Wilson? Bob Griffin III? Alfred Morris? Doug Martin?

All have had great rookie years. Andrew Luck broke the all time rookie passing record in week 16. Russell Wilson has beaten the Packers (win is a win), Patriots, and 49ers. Robert Griffin has turned the Skins into a contender, while putting up an insane TD to turnover ratio. Alfred Morris has been more than a complement to RGIII in that backfield, emerging as the #1 back under Mike Shannahan, who never likes going with one main back. And Doug Martin has become the Muscle Hamster, racking up insane numbers and making fantasy owners who drafted him look like geniuses.

Not to discredit Morris or Martin at all, but this is a QBs race. It comes down to RGIII, Luck & Wilson.

No Peyton? No problem. Andrew Luck has come into Indy and made everyone all but forget about Peyton Manning. He broke the rookie passing yards record in week 16! Only knock against him is he’s picked up some Ol’ Gunslinger traits. The kid throws a lot of picks. That should get better with time and maturity, but won’t win him rookie of the year. Sorry Andrew, no Luck here.

Robert Griffin III. Big Bob the third. No one thought this guy was gonna come in, and immediately turn around the lowly ‘Skins. Early in the season, he electrified, but it looked as if the Redskins were headed down the familiar losing road. He’s taken over that team, and with a win in week 17 will have them in the playoffs! One thing against him, no signature wins yet. No big “I got the Eli gene” just yet.

Russell Wilson? You mean the 75th overall pick? The guy who was gonna be Matt Flynns backup? Possibly turned into a receiver? Yeah buddy! Russell Wilson is the real deal! As noted earlier, he’s got 3 signature wins. Completely put his stamp on the Niners head in week 16, and made everyone in the NFC hope they don’t have to go to Seattle for a playoff game. Russell Wilson has come out of nowhere and turned Seattle into a scary opponent for anyone in the NFC. He’s got my vote for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

What’s even crazier about these three rookie QBs? With a win on Sunday from the Redskins, they ALL make the playoffs. ALL in their rookie season. This may have been the deepest Quarterback draft in a long while.


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